Budds’ Mazda Does Halloween At The Dealership!

Halloween Celebrations At Oakville’s Budds’ Mazda

It’s October 31st. You know what that means? It’s Halloween! Here at Budds’ Mazda we’re all about the celebration! Of anything really. So everyone was pretty excited to trade in their usual business casual, for some fun and funny costumes! Check out the pictures below, and let us know what your favourite costume is!

Budds' Mazda Managers Dressed for Halloween

Our General Manager Sarah, and New Sales Manager Mehran were a waitress and Duffman!

Budds' Mazda Staff Dressed for Halloween

Ton’s of the sales, parts and admin team dressed up today! We even have candy.

Budds' Mazda Salesman Dressed for Halloween

One of our salesmen – Saad. Probably our most interesting salesman. heh…get it?

Halloween Brings Duffman to Budds' Mazda

Duffman @ Budds’ Mazda!

Hope you got to stop by to check out our costumes, and have some fun with us! Be safe, and have a Happy Halloween!

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