When you start to shop for the 2018 Mazda CX-5, you will want to be aware of the various safety technologies and driver assistive technologies that help you stay safe and make driving easier. The CX-5 price already includes multiple features standard, such as the rearview camera, Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring System, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Smart City Brake Support. Take a closer look at these and the optional CX-5 specs to see why the CX-5 is a great buy for those who value safety.


Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring System and Rear Cross Traffic Alert

A standard feature included in the CX-5 price, the Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring System and Rear Cross Traffic Alert systems work together. The first of these detects objects in your blind spots to either side, letting you know before a quick-moving vehicle actually enters your blind spot. The latter alerts you about vehicles coming from the side as you back up.

Smart City Brake Support

This standard feature detects objects in front of you at speeds between four and 30 kilometers per hour. If it detects an object, it will prepare your CX-5 by moving the brake pads so they are closer to the brake disc. Then, if you don’t react in time, the system will automatically apply your brakes.

Smart Brake Support

Smart Brake Support reduces the severity of collisions or avoids them completely, working when you are driving at a minimum of 16 kilometers per hour. It will first warn you of the collision then apply the brakes if you do not react in time.

Pedestrian Detection

The available Pedestrian Detection gets high praise on CX-5 reviews, working with Smart City Brake Support and Smart Brake Support. This system detects pedestrians and stops you if you do not respond to the warning. It can even detect pedestrians when going between ten and 80 kilometers per hour.

Forward Obstruction Warning

With the Forward Obstruction Warning system, your 2018 Mazda CX-5 detects vehicles in front of you and lets you know about a collision risk with enough time for you to take action. It will ideally prevent the need for other systems to engage.

Lane-Keep Assist System

While some systems just keep the auto between the lines, leading to an unnatural-feeling tug on your steering wheel, the CX-5’s system feels more natural. It takes your intention into account, helping to ease you into lane changes and turns. There is also a Lane Departure Warning System that senses lane markings and lets you know if you are accidentally drifting out.

Mazda Radar Cruise Control

The Mazda Radar Cruise Control system offered on the CX-5 SUV includes Stop and Go Function. It judges your relative distance to and the speed of the car in front of you, including as slow as zero km/hour, ensuring you keep a safe following distance. Starting up again is under your control for safety reasons. This feature is further complemented by the Distance Recognition Support System that measures the distance separating your CX-5 and the auto in front of you, recommending a safe and comfortable following distance.

Traffic Sign Recognition System

This available system in the Mazda CX-5 relies on cameras to read signs on the road, including stop signs, do not enter, and speed limits. The information then appears on your colour Active Driving Display so your eyes can stay on the road.

With so many safety technologies to watch your back in the 2018 Mazda CX-5, you should be able to handle traffic jams or vehicles that seem to come out of nowhere with confidence, protecting you and your family.

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